Dtime specialises in intelligent data analytics. We tap into relevant data and derive valuable insights using intelligent techniques such as machine learning, optimisation, model predictive control and graph theory, among others. With the help of cloud computing, we deliver these insights to our clients via secure user interfaces and API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints. These insights enable end users to derive great value while we take care of the complexity of data management, model development, integration and all the hard engineering.


Structured and unstructured data from open, subscription-based and client-side sources are accessed, processed, stored and catalogued in our data pipelines to derive value in the downstream.

The Cloud

Our multi-cloud partners ensure increased reliability and infinite scalability for the data-driven solutions enabling business continuity for our clients.


Data-driven models developed using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, optimisation, graph theory and model predictive control deliver real value to stakeholders in the sustainability sector.


Data-driven insights from our intelligent models can be accessed via APIs and integrated into existing platforms, enabling modularity and quick prototyping.


Data-driven insights from our intelligent models can be accessed via interactive interfaces that follow modular design principles.
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