Our services focus on custom modelling requirements for energy businesses. We just don't stop with the model development, but also help operationalise them for you.

Once you define your goals and upload any available datasets/documents into our secure cloud space, our experts will investigate the context and the case. Following this, a feasibility report on the scope of analytic modelling towards achieving your goals will be delivered.
Following lean principles and design thinking, prototype models will be developed first. Based on feedback from you, the models will be iteratively updated and tested. The delivery will include complete script and documentation. If interested in deployment, the proposed architecture and data pipeline will also be included in the documentation.
The developed models will be deployed in our cloud-based enterprise-grade platform. Our maintenance team will ensure that, systems are in place to monitor the health and performance of the models. We will keep track of the changes in your energy market and upgrade the models as necessary. Unlike the discovery and development phases, the deployment will be subscription based.