Let's build a sustainable future, together

DTIME harnesses data to support the sustainability transition. We envision decarbonised, decentralised and reliable energy systems powered by digital technologies.

Our technology: Intelligence-as-a-Service

We tap into relevant data and derive valuable insights using intelligent techniques such as machine learning, optimisation, model predictive control and graph theory, among others. With the help of cloud computing, we deliver these insights to our clients via secure interfaces and API endpoints. These insights enable our clients to focus on their core business delivery while we take care of the complexity of data management, model development, integration and all the hard engineering.

We Support

Organisations/individuals with great digital technology ideas that accelerate sustainability transition
Businesses that risk their time and money on energy assets that deliver decarbonisation
Businesses/individuals that own/operate energy assets that deliver decarbonisation
DTIME Intelligence delivers fast and low-cost prototyping
Steep and shared learning curve
Complete transparency during prototyping
Deployment in cloud for quick scalability
Quicker route to market and investments

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DTIME harnesses data to support the sustainability transition. Let’s build a sustainable future together.
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