Lowering the barriers to
data-informed decisions.

We make datasets more discoverable through our flagship search engine Dtechtive. This helps people access relevant datasets and make data-informed decisions, creating better future for all.

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Many datasets hosted by Data Providers are not discoverable by existing search engines. Because of this, Data Users struggle to find the datasets that they need. Whether it be open, commercial or internal datasets, the lack of effective and comprehensive search engines impede data-informed decision making and data-driven innovation in key sectors and organisations. Dtechtive discovers the datasets other search engines cannot reach using intelligent indexing techniques. Further, unlike other solutions, Dtechtive also provides insights on dataset quality and usage, making it equally interesting for Data Users and Data Providers.


Data Users

Spend less time searching for datasets and more time deriving value from them.

  • Discover datasets hidden deep in the web.
  • Search using simple terms and find relevant datasets.
  • Preview and dowload data files.
  • Get recommendations on datasets of interest.
  • Save datasets and share with others.
  • Get notifications on dataset updates.
  • Give feedback to data providers.
  • Gather data provider, topic and regional level insights.

Data Providers

Generate interest in datasets, improve dataset quality, understand user needs better and gain competitive advantage.

  • Make datasets more discoverable.
  • Promote datasets and increase userbase.
  • Gather insights on metadata and data file quality.
  • Gather insights on dataset usage and engagement.
  • Generate reports on dataset quality and usage insights.

Data Enablers

Improve your organisation’s data discovery capability, foster data-informed decision making, enhance data-driven strategy and drive growth.

  • Help employees discover open, commercial and internal datasets from a single portal.
  • Manage internal dataset access permissions.
  • Gather insights on internal dataset quality to improve downstream efficiencies.
  • Gather insights on how employees and other stakeholders engage with internal datasets within and across departments.

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